In 1966, 乐博彩票官方app首任大使在我国定居, 新加坡独立一年后. 从那时起, 两国关系蓬勃发展, 尤其是在商业和行业关系方面.

The 2023 Business Climate Survey showed a paradigm shift in the economy – for instance, how Swedish businesses have shifted from prudent cost-savings to a sales-driven directive over the course of the year. Despite headwinds, most Swedish companies expect revenue growth for their industries.

尽管2023年的预测业绩低于2022年, 乐博彩票官方app公司希望继续在新加坡投资. With Swedish companies continuing to recognise the abundance of 机会 in the region, they expect to invest significantly in their desired countries of 操作 and 新加坡 as their regional base.

The Swedish brand creates a more significant impact for mature and large companies. 今年, 60 per cent of respondents stated that the Swedish brand has a positive impact (Much/Very much) on their business, 高于去年的57%.

新加坡’s new focus on 可持续性 and developing 新加坡’s circular eco-economy may create more 机会 for Swedish companies, especially with many firms leading in sustainable development within their sectors. Time is of the essence for Swedish companies to leverage this opportunity.

Please download the report to fully overview the results with a detailed analysis. 


This 乐博彩票官方app商业 Climate Survey provides a closer look at Swedish companies’ perspectives on 新加坡’s macroeconomic conditions, 机会, 挑战, 可持续发展目标.

这项调查于今年3月13日至4月12日进行, 90名参与者由代表乐博彩票官方app公司的高管组成. Most of the questions in the survey are similar to those used in previous surveys, 这样可以进行长期比较.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the 90 participating companies and respondents who shared their time and insights with us. Your contributions will support not only the success of this report but also 团队乐博彩票官方app’s efforts to continue accelerating business growth and sustainable development. 谢谢你!!